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Specialised in functional programming, web apps and high performance backend systems

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What can Vectos do for you?

Web apps

Want a responsive web app like Facebook or Soundcloud? Vectos builds single page web applications which makes users love your app. And all that according to the latest standards and beyond.

Domain modelling

Keep it simple and clear as possible, that’s the goal. Vectos has mastered different techniques like: Domain Driven Design, functional programming, event sourcing, relational data modelling, et cetera.

High performance

Does your (backend) system have extremely high performance requirements? Want to know how to architect such a thing? Let's talk about that!

Proof of concepts

Do you want a different view on things? Vectos can help you out to make a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). This will be mainly focussed on the technical advantages and possibilities. If it’s a success, Vectos can help extend the MVP further.

Research and development

Need a pair of hands to tackle a unsolved problem? Vectos has build some open source libraries and is up to date with the latest techniques and possibilities.

Machine learning

Do you want to predict or classify something? Or would you like a recommendation system, anamoly detection or object recognization? Let’s have a chat and see what’s possible!


Want to learn about Scala, Akka, Play, Spray, Functional Programming, Haskell, et cetera? Vectos can arrange a workshop for you to bring you up to speed!



    Teevy is for people who watch a lot of TV series and want to keep track on what’s airing next or where they left off watching.

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