Mark de Jong

I design, code, architect and operate small to large websites and apps. I do this under the banner Vectos, which is spanish for Vector which means magnitude and direction.

In my professional career I have worked at various companies doing diverse projects.

  • From scratch CMS implementations
  • Community sites
  • Improving performance of existing software
  • High performance game backends
  • Financial systems
  • Marketing pages
  • Single page web apps and mobile apps.

I started building site ands apps when I was 16. I was a huge fan of DragonBall Z at the time and decided to make a fan page. It started with FrontPage and HTML/CSS. After that I quickly picked up PhotoShop, Dreamweaver and PHP/MySQL. After doing that for about 1.5 year I had a site running which received 10.000 visitors each day!

After that I did a bachelor in Communication and Multimedia Design in Leeuwarden. During that time I also created another huge site which had self-built attendance system, forum and blog. The first internship was at MediaMonks, a world digital experience production company. The second internship was at Ambrero, a small company which is focused on building web applications for Gatso and Ziggo to support their customers.

After finishing my studies I wanted to learn more about programming and decided to learn Functional Programming. I picked up a book on Haskell and after a year I decided to build (with Haskell yes) a website with Yassine Bentaieb called Teevy. Also at work I picked up Scala, a hybrid mix of Object-Orientated and Functional Programming.

Nowadays I work as a freelancer specialised in creating web-applications. While my focus is on coding at the moment, I also recently got certified in Kubernetes and UX/UI design. With my experience and skills I hope I can help you with your digital experience!

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